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Confluence - The Detective
Authors note: I always thought it odd that a guy who's brother basically is the British Government and who's parents have a bit of money would need a flatmate for financial reasons. So here's my take as to how that need came about. Basically Sherlock being stubborn and Mycroft being Mother Hen (and recruiting their actual mother to help). Hope no one's too ooc. Let me know what you think :).
Also on my fanfiction account :-)
The Detective
Mycroft Holmes was a man whose shoulders bore a great many responsibilities. His career at the highest levels of Her Majesty's government would demand no less, after all. At the moment, however, the source of his strife lay a little closer to home. Precisely, it lay five feet away in a hospital bed, glaring at him from underneath a mop of unkempt dark curls. Many others would have quailed at the icy blue stare but Mycroft was quite used to dealing with his little brother's mo
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To Fetch You Out of the Cold II
"So much for the stealth mission!" Shouted Steve above the din of gunfire. Bucky grunted in response. Their arrival had been uneventful. Bucky, with the remote assistance of FRIDAY had been able to hack into the security footage and the alarm on the ventilation system. The two of them had just been able to fit their considerable bulk into the narrow opening. After less than 15 minutes, however, a siren had started blaring. The two soldiers had glanced at each other and smashed through the vents, landing in the midst of at least a dozen HYDRA operatives. Between their enhanced strength, Bucky's alloy arm and Steve's vibranium shield, they made short work of the group. By the time they had found out where the girl was being held and arrived at the correct location, however, they were facing at least 30 men. 
Bucky flinched behind a barrel "just like the good ol' days, hey Stevie?"
"We have an opening. Go!"
The two of them charged at the door, Steve in front, Bucky covering behind. J
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Thawing Out
Thawing Out
A.N. Okay you guys, Bucky being forgiven by Tony and joining the Avengers needs to be a thing. Since it is not yet a thing, we have to get by with fanfiction. My take on how that ice-breaking (hehe) conversation would go (of course, I must actually physically confine them to get them talking lol). Please review and let me know if it's any good. It really makes my day :)
"You could do it now, you know" a pair of piercing eyes fixed themselves on Tony. He was currently trapped under what remained of an upended bus and a sizeable portion of the bridge it had been travelling under with both legs out of action. The armour had shorted out, leaving him virtually paralysed below the waist until assistance arrived. Not the best position to be in. It was made considerably worse by the present company.
Almost buried by rubble a few paces away from him lay the Winter Soldier. Former Winter Soldier, Tony reminded himself. This man was one of
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To Fetch You Out of the Cold 1
“Sargent Barnes; Sir requested a response over 17 minutes ago” the cool voice of FRIDAY gently urged. She got a pillow thrown in her general direction for her troubles. Not that a disembodied AI has a general direction, mind you.
When left to his own devices, Bucky had never been a morning person. Now that more of his memories were coming back, he’d been able to recognise old character traits and that definitely wasn’t one he'd ever possessed. Getting up with the dawn chorus had always been more Steve’s area. After the terrible night Bucky had had, 6.45 on a Sunday was definitely not an acceptable time to be woken up. “Hey, Buckeroo! Look lively!” another disembodied voice spoke.
“Stark, I swear to God!” Bucky hadn’t even thought of a suitable threat when he heard a knock at his door. “Bucky, you awake?”.
“Yes, Steve! Yes I am awake!” he rolled out of bed, blasted himself with cold water to shake the la
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To Fetch You From the Cold - Prologue
She felt cold and thirsty. But more than that, she felt fear. The darkness of the room she found herself in was almost total and what she could make out in the gloom provided little comfort. Sharp edges and the sheen of metal in front of her. A table? A tap dripped rhythmically, a sound that drilled into what remained of her resolve. She strained against the restraints that bound her to the hard chair she was encased in. “Hello?!” she called. She waited, hearing only her own ragged breath as it condensed in front of her face. “Hello?!” she tried again.
With a pneumatic hiss, cold light spilled into the room. She winced against the sudden brightness. A tall, balding man carrying a clipboard and sporting a labcoat entered the room, muttering into a recorder in his hand “Subject 5 is awake and appears fully coherent. Initial interview about to commence. Date 27th March 2016.” The man flicked a switch in the corner of the room and a bulb flicker
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Ten Words
Ten Words
AN: I have read an obscene amount of Bucky related fanfiction since seeing Civil War and my affection for the MCU (and the former Winter Soldier) grows steadily! I decided to have a go at writing for it myself with a bit of Hurt/Comfort Bucky. I apologise if this sucks. Takes place after the events of Civil War. Trigger warning for suicidal behaviour and Bucky's emotional scars but nothing graphic. Let me know what you guys think. No flames please!
He jolted out of unconsciousness. Something was wrong. No, not wrong, different. He tried to think, to remember where he was. Instead of a cold, dark room filled with equipment and people who ignored him until they had use of him, he was surrounded by light and a soft pastil green that felt warm and calming. Instead of finding himself, as numerous times before, strapped to a hard chair, the instrument of their control, he was in a comfortable bed. Still restrained, but not uncomfortably so. A voice spoke to him. Not a harsh demand
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Sunflowers Tribute :iconsweeneygirl310593:Sweeneygirl310593 1 3 Castle on the Coast :iconsweeneygirl310593:Sweeneygirl310593 1 1
Review: City on the Edge of Forever Miniseries
Short Review/Ramble: City on the Edge of Forever - IDW Publishing 

*Disclaimer: It has been a while since I read this comic so please forgive any slight vagaries in this review. Includes spoilers for both the comic and the episode mentioned. Other readers; let me know what you thought*
Star Trek: the Original Series had only one two part story in its 79 episode run and even that consisted of episodes in the show's then-present form framed around scenes from the original pilot, The Cage. This is a shame as several of the stories could have benefited greatly from being split over two parts to give them a chance to have a longer resolution. One such episode is the fan and critical favourite, The City on the Edge of Forever. Not only did it attract the guest star with the highest profile, Joan Collins, it was a well balanced, well paced episode with real emotional depth, a genuine moral dilemma and some great comedy moments (Kirk grasping at straws to explain Sp
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Breaking the Rules :iconsweeneygirl310593:Sweeneygirl310593 2 0


Sherlock + John :iconsandara:sandara 8,841 493 BBC Sherlock- Charm Bracelet :iconbones-sickle:bones-sickle 559 317 BBC Sherlock- rebels :iconclicio:Clicio 3,978 270 The Neverending Story :icondjamilaknopf:DjamilaKnopf 5,114 329 TheSimpsons stripedDesigns :iconlelpel:Lelpel 550 66 Merry Christmas :icontillieke:tillieke 282 18 John and Mary :icontillieke:tillieke 279 18 Baker Street :icontillieke:tillieke 300 18 Goldfish :icontillieke:tillieke 1,022 41 2 Sherlocks :iconvoydkessler:VoydKessler 172 13 Sleepless :iconmaxasabin:maxasabin 2,510 226 Sherlolly :iconmirroriel:MirRoriel 489 39 BBC Sherlock Meme :iconredpassion:RedPassion 357 162 Sherlolly... Z-WORD :iconsempaiko:Sempaiko 327 29 Sherlolly SS 2014 :iconmangakidart:MangaKidArt 214 39 Sherlock - It is what it is :iconsegomichoco:Segomichoco 34 6


Authors note: I always thought it odd that a guy who's brother basically is the British Government and who's parents have a bit of money would need a flatmate for financial reasons. So here's my take as to how that need came about. Basically Sherlock being stubborn and Mycroft being Mother Hen (and recruiting their actual mother to help). Hope no one's too ooc. Let me know what you think :).

Also on my fanfiction account :-)


The Detective

Mycroft Holmes was a man whose shoulders bore a great many responsibilities. His career at the highest levels of Her Majesty's government would demand no less, after all. At the moment, however, the source of his strife lay a little closer to home. Precisely, it lay five feet away in a hospital bed, glaring at him from underneath a mop of unkempt dark curls. Many others would have quailed at the icy blue stare but Mycroft was quite used to dealing with his little brother's moods.

"So" the elder Homles said sardonically "what is the meaning of this exercise in self destruction, Sherlock?"

"Oh for God's sake it was for a case! I wasn't actually trying to kill myself!"

"Oh I see! Still playing with the boys from Scotland Yard, are we?" It was one of the many bones of contention between them. Mycroft knew his brother had a brilliant mind. When he graduated top in his PhD chemistry class from university nearly six years ago, he could have walked into any job he wanted. In fact, Mycroft had gone to great pains to arrange for the creation of a position under him that would both suit his brother's interests and give him the opportunity to excel. Instead, Sherlock chose to spend his time rooting through bins in filthy alleyways to assist the local police force and dabbling in illegal substances. Whether it was because he couldn't stand the thought of Mycroft lording it over him or because he enjoyed showing off for the easily impressed, the elder brother had no idea.

"The police come to me when they are out of their depth, which is worryingly often..."

"I doubt they approve of your methods."

"They yield results. That's all that matters." Sherlock's brusque tone urged his brother to stop talking.

"You deal in results, I deal in consequences. The consequence of this latest escapade was very nearly your death, do you understand?"

"That was the point. I proved that the dose of that particular drug combination..."

Mycroft had no time for the sordid details. "So far this year you have managed to seriously endanger your life on no less than five separate occasions in the name of these problems you enjoy solving. I have to wonder if you can be left to your own devices..."

Sherlock wasn't listening. Instead he looked out of the window into the corridor beyond, seeing a familiar pair of silhouettes. "What are they doing here?" He snapped.

"I felt you would be more likely to respond to a higher authority."

A blonde lady swept imperiously into the room, almost towing her husband behind her. "Dear Lord" growled the younger Holmes.

"That is no way to greet your mother!" Said the woman herself "now what have you been doing to yourself young man?"

"Brother dear has taken a quite alarming combination of narcotics and has nearly died of multiple organ failure. I am attempting to convince him that this was a bad idea." Mycroft replied sternly from the corner.

"Oh this is familiar." Sherlock raised his usual baritone a few mocking octaves "'Mummy, Sherlock's been at the cake. Mummy Sherlock's broken your favourite bowl. Mummy-"

"Stop it! Your brother only has your best interests at heart!" Their mother remonstrated.

"How's the life drawing class going Mother?" Sherlock had forced his face into a tight smile "not very well judging by the state of your right hand..."

"Please Sherlock, it isn't the time." His father spoke gently "your mother is very worried.". It was true, the signs of it could be read on both their faces. Mycroft disliked having to involve them in this but if Sherlock could not be drawn by him alone, so be it.

"I am perfectly fine, Father. That haircut really doesn't suit you."

"Are you being deliberately obtuse?" Mrs. Holmes voice rang shrilly in the small room.

"Isn't that his natural state?" Mycroft sighed.

"Myc, please, that really doesn't help." Their father spoke again.

A quiet 'ping' cut through the thickening atmosphere "My phone, Mycroft, give me my phone." Sherlock commanded the member of his family closest to the table on which the Blackberry rested.

"Say please!"

Sherlock sent his brother a withering look.

"No boys! We are having a family discussion. If you two could stop fighting for more than two seconds, that would be marvellous! Honestly you are brothers! You're supposed to love each other!" Their mother pinched her brows in consternation as she took a seat on a plastic chair.

Both siblings were temporarily united in expressions of distaste. "Why?" Said Sherlock "why does the fact that we happen to share parents have to make us best buddies?"


"That is a poor line of reasoning!"

Mycroft had a dim memory of a time before he became a sibling at seven years old. He remembered not being thrilled with the prospect. The whole baby malarky seemed to him a rather messy process that no people as sensible as his parents should repeat. However, he had warmed to the younger child. Sherlock had been a rather sweet little boy. How times had changed.

She took a deep breath. "Now Sherlock, Mycroft has suggested that until you find yourself a more...stable situation, that you stay with us. Given the circumstances, I think that would be for the best."

"Oh I see, because I don't have a nice sensible job like Mycroft I am to be reduced to a child, am I? I suppose you want me to die of boredom instead? I am staying in London. That is where I am needed. There was no need to get you involved."

"At least let me arrange for less...distasteful accommodation. In a better area of this infinitely troubled city."

"You are not my keeper, Mycroft! I won't take a penny from you!"

Mycroft rolled his eyes, resisting the urge to pinch his nose to stifle a rapidly encroaching migraine. "Perhaps I can suggest an alternative?"


A week later Sherlock was again to be found at St Bartholomew's Hospital. This time he was visiting the morgue to assist in one of Lestrade's more nebulous cases. Unfortunately, Stamford was currently treating his students to an unscheduled lecture among the dead. At least it might do something to wake them up during the 9am session. As he sat impatiently outside the door at 11.15 his phone 'pinged'. Mycroft, obviously in an appointment of some kind.

/Any progress with our agreement? Mycroft/

As it happened Sherlock had made some. After a session on Google, he had managed to find an available flat that would suit him well in Baker Street. When he had contacted the landlady, he had discovered a familiar name. Mrs. Hudson, it seemed, had slowed down her pace of life in the last few years. There was just one thing left. Sherlock was typing a suitably cutting reply to his brothers text when the entrance to the morgue opened and a gaggle of students left. He brushed past them into the clinical room. The smell of strong antiseptic hung in the air which mixed unpleasantly with the odour of cheap perfume some of the female students had been overusing.

"Oh hello Sherlock!". Sherlock groaned. Stamford rarely made riveting conversation.

"Get out. I need to conduct an experiment and Molly will be here any moment." He said shortly.

"Nice to see you too mate!" Stamford chuckled. When the detective failed to respond, he busied himself clearing up his papers. Sherlock, conversely, was assembling a wide array of objects that would ordinarily have no place in this room.

"How does one go about finding a flatmate?" He mused.

"You what, mate?" Asked Stamford.

Sherlock glanced up, apparently unpleasantly surprised he was still accompanied by the lecturer. He considered brushing him off but found himself repeating his question.

"I find myself in need of a flatmate. Property in Central London hardly comes cheap."

"Flatshare? You seem more the solitary type."

"Therein lies my difficulty. It has occurred to me that I may not be the most...agreeable flatmate to most people."

"Try Google? Gotta run anyway. See you."

Sherlock didn't respond. Instead, he looked up at the young woman walking through the double doors, her customary ponytail swinging. "Oh hi Mike!" She smiled.

"Molly." Stamford responded with a short wave.

"Ah Molly. Arrived at work early this morning, I see. I assume that means you've had time to find me a suitable body?"

As Stamford left, he couldn't help wondering; who *would* want Sherlock Holmes as a flatmate anyway?
Very saddened to hear that Carrie Fisher lost the fight for life today at the age of 60 after a heart attack. Her most famous role, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan is one of the best loved cinematic heroines of all time and with good reason. The rebel royal was brave, steadfast, cool headed and sarcastic in the face of danger and tyranny as well as principled and compassionate: very good attributes to aspire to. As a child, I, like legions of other girls, dressed as Leia and looked up to her. In the last few years, I found out about Carrie's contributions to other Hollywood projects, her writing career and her struggles with Bipolar Disorder and addiction. Her candid discussion of the latter has I'm sure done much to help reduce the stigma of mental illness and promote causes to help those afflicted with such conditions. Whenever I saw her interviewed she and her beloved companion Gary the dog never failed to make me laugh and I've never heard a bad word spoken about her treatment of fans. I wish I had got to meet her in person. She will certainly be missed by thousands of those fans around the world. I hope that provides her grieving family and friends some solace and wish them the best at what is a difficult time for any circle of people. It is particularly cruel when it happens at this time of year.

The Force was strong with this one. RIP to our Princess :(

Carrie Frances Fisher 1956-2016
Lego Star Wars advent calender day 24: Christmas Chewbacca.

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Lego Star Wars advent calender days 21 and 22: Stormtrooper and Imperial Transport

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Lego Star Wars advent calender day 19: Luke Skywalker (Return of the Jedi)

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